Christmas in Australia

it's boxing day, 38C/100F with a strong eastery wind blowing, i am home alone, sitting on the veranda with my new bodum teapot (present from my mother-in-law) drinking a cup of 'gorgeous geisha' green tea out of my new tea cup (present from my teenager) looking through my beautiful new book on nature photography (present from my mum) and reflecting on our christmas…


we've had a very relaxing and peaceful christmas – a very hot christmas too (38C/100F). time spent with family, sharing great food, music and gifts.

for the last 16 years we have celebrated a german-style christmas eve with my family at my mum's house and an aussie christmas with paul's family at paul's mum's house…


there were lots of crystals and christmas decorations hanging from the veranda roof at my mum's house and a corner full of presents. we had afternoon tea in the lower garden…


followed by some christmas carol playing and singing…


the male members of the family were perfectly in tune while my mum and sister and i were singing along more or less out of tune. my mum's ducks came out from behind the bushes to see what all the noise was about. they especially liked 'jingle bells'…


there were lots of presents, home made and thoughtful, trying to stay away from anything too commercial…


and after a little rest…


more food!


we came home not only nourished by the food we ate, but also by the blessings that we have in our lives and by sharing them with the people we love, both near and far.

then on christmas day in the morning we drove down to where paul's mum and her husband live, about 1.5 hours south of perth. it was a very hot day and we spent most of indoors. time to catch up and for the cousins to play with the new presents…


at lunch time we sat outside on the terrace overlooking a canal, but it was so hot, we only lasted out there for about half an hour…


back inside the oldies had a well deserved nap…


i drove back home before it got dark. paul and the boys will stay down there for a couple of days with the cousins. but someone needs to water the garden at home and look after the ducks… and i also don't mind some time to myself… reading, watching a couple of movies and maybe the muse will come and i'll feel inspired to do something creative.

hope you all had a relaxing and peaceful christmas as well.



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