after two extremely hot days it's just nice and warm and quiet today. the creative muse hasn't shown up yet – maybe she built herself a little hammock from a bamboo leave and is swinging somewhere up in the trees… relaxing…


so i thought i'd  share with you some of the home-made and hand-made gifts that were exchanged in our family this christmas.

now i know what sebastian used all the glue for: he made a calendar for us with his art of other countries – soft pencil drawings of asia, new zealand, africa…


while the teenager made glass jars layered with flour, sugar, rolled oats, choc chips, m&ms and pecan nuts – add butter and an egg and bake your own cookies! he also made cheese sticks and tapenade for the adults…


the boys teenage cousins gave us CDs of their own music. our 15-year-old niece recorded a CD of her own songs, singing and playing guitar, violin, keyboards and percussion. our 16-year-old nephew has a band together with his sister and two friends. they had a CD recorded of their own original songs and have recently won a battle of the bands – very talented young people…


and here are the presents i made for the boys – a pencil case each, one made from soft leather , the other from an old pair of jeans…



for paul i made a new watch band. his old one had broken and he wanted 'something different'. he really loves rudrasha beads and so i came up with this…


i also gave him a new shaving brush and to wrap the presents i covered a pannetone box with chinese papers…


for my mum and sister i made diaries…


and since the bougainvillea has finished flowering i needed to look for another option for wrapping paper: papyrus leaves…



it makes me really happy that we have been able to exchange gifts that are made with love, spending time, effort and talent rather then money.


2 thoughts on “Relaxing….

  1. l love to see families who do this..make presents with love. thie year we chose to put all our names into a hat and pick just one n ame…then make or buy something for that person with £20’s being the limit. next year we have already decided to make everytthing. It is great fun isn’t it?xxlove your images.xxlynda

  2. I don’t know how I missed this amazing present exchange, I am SO impressed with all of the handmade goodness and love evident here! Just wonderful!!

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