Happy New Year!

happy new year to all! love and peace and blessings for 2011…


during the last couple of days i have been repeatedly reminded of the fragile beauty of nature. friends of mine had this beautiful butterfly that had just come out of it's chrysalis…


one of it's wings was still slightly folded and it was just hanging there waiting to be able to spread it's wings…


paul also found these two empty nests when he pruned some more bushes near the house…



all of these remind me to tread on the earth lightly and in 2011 one of our plans is to go solar for our electricity.


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year!! I’ve had a lovely little break here, slowly getting readjusted to it an to 2011! Lovely pictures of the nest and butterfly and how exciting that you are going solar, can’t wait to hear more about that! xo

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