Karijini Paintings

i am just doing the last touches on my sketchbook, which was inspired by last year's trip up north to karijini. i need to send it off to brooklyn at the end of the week and will share some pictures then. here a quick glimpse…


and while i have been finishing it, i felt inspired to do a couple of paintings similar to the sketchbook pages. the first one deals with my strange fascination for the BIG monitor lizards up there. ever since i saw my first one many years ago i have felt drawn to sketch or paint them…


the next one is of the magical 'fern pool'…


and the last one – which i'm not totally happy with yet – is a sunset over the soft ochre hills of the pilbara…


for now they are all three sitting on my shelf, so i can cast a critical eye on them…



and while i was working on the sketchbook yesterday i had some unexpected visitors: a family of very noisy white-tailed black cockatoos…


at first they were just sitting in the big tree in front of the veranda. but then one of them came down to the birdbath…


and then another one…


and one more…



until there were four…


i managed to very slowly get to within 4m/12feet of them. they were so beautiful! and took their time to drink before they flew off with their funny screeching call.


One thought on “Karijini Paintings

  1. How exciting that your sketchbook is about to make its way here to Brooklyn. Your paintings have such a soft dreamy quality to them that I love. The parrots are amazing, so exotic! What a treat!

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