i have almost finished my sketchbook – been working on it really hard these last few days. the date for sending it in has been extended to next tuesday…









now all that is left is the front page and cover. so glad…

here a few pictures of fern pool and the lizard…





it's a truly magical place – even with these creatures around!

and what with all the working on the sketchbook, looking at photos of karijini and doing the paintings… i even felted two 'outback scarves'. here are a few snapshoys i just took…


i just feel so inspired by the colours of the outback – love them!!! and i'll probably take some proper pictures of the scarves before i send them of to gunyulgup galleries, where i sell most of my scarves.

wishing you all a great – and creative? – weekend!


2 thoughts on “Almost…

  1. I felt as if I was on a beautiful journey with your story and illustrations on the trip to Fern Pool. My favorite is at the end where night falls. That lizard would make me nervous though, looks a bit menacing, but are they not agressive? Today we had a LOVELY surprise in the mail with the arrival of your amazing package. I took pictures of the opening, that i’ll send soon! Thank you so much for all of the goodness!

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