New Bag!


hurray!!! i've got a new bag!!!   (husband:'do you really need another bag?')

anyway… it all started when i found this cute little japanese top at the op-shop the other day – far too small for me to wear! so i thought i'd match it with some other op-shop fabric that i had in a box and turn it into a bag…


i cut it all to size – outer bag, lining and shoulder strap…


and sewed it up. even managed a little pocket on the inside.





i sewed some beads onto the edge of the flap and silk tassels in the corners. it's the perfect little 'oriental' bag for chinese new year – the year of the rabbit!



okay… and here's a photo that both my husband and one of my best friends said i should share on my blog. it shows my silly turban-loving side…


hope you are all experiencing a bit of silliness this weekend! 

4 thoughts on “New Bag!

  1. Funny turban picture! Love your style, what a great find that shirt was and you are so handy to turn it into such a cute bag! I’m impressed, too cute!

  2. Love the color combination of the bag and you definitely do look good in turbans.
    Your felted goods are beautiful.
    Gruesse aus dem eisigen Ithaca. I’ll be visiting here often to get away and have a bit of summer here up north.

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