lately i have been asked by several friends to share some recipes, and have decided to do so here. I'll try and make an effort to take pictures when i cook something worth sharing…

here at our house we have four people who love food and all of them cook. paul and i and the teenager are vegetarians. sebastian loves to go to my mum's house for some chicken every once in a while, or try some meat at a friend's house.

we cook a lot of asian food. paul grew up with it – his mum is from singapore – and i got a taste for it when we lived in bali.

we also follow ayurvedic principles and try to cook every meal from scratch from fresh organic ingredients. we try to avoid processed food and left-over food and generally will not re-heat food.

for me cooking is a creative process and i hardly ever cook from recipes. i sometimes use them as an inspiration, but i am not good at actually following them.

most of the things that i cook are quick and easy to make like this one:

Warm Beetroot Salad

well, really, the only thing that is warm in it is the beetroot – the rest is raw veggies…



i love this salad! this is what i used in it today:

– warm beetroot, freshly cooked, peeled and cut into cubes

– carrot ribbons

– a bit of capsicum and a few cherry tomatoes from the garden

– freshly picked salad greens and herbs

– sweet corn straight off the cob

– a mango cut into cubes

for the dressing: organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar

or… you could try this version:

– beetroot as above

– salad greens

– cherry tomatoes

– one avocado cut into slices

– fetta cheese cut into cubes

– one pear cut into slices

– a handful of walnuts

or make up your own version with the things you find in your fridge and garden…

Bon Appetit!!!



2 thoughts on “Cooking…

  1. ooooooh! Sounds so good! I’ve recently begun to get into green juicing, and am trying to eat mostly fresh veggie meals like this, so excited to hear more of your family recipes. It sounds like you family eats very well!

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