Flood Relief and a Bushfire

the Queensland Flood Relief Auction raised an amazing $99,089 thanks to toni and her sister carli, who organised it, all the artists and craftspeople who donated something  to be auctioned (i think there were over 240 of us) and of coarse all the generous bidders. thank you to all of you!

my waterlily painting will be send off tomorrow…



like i've said before, while there have been massive floods over in the east of australia, here in the west it has been very dry. and today we had a bit of a scary moment when a small bushfire started about 500m from our house. thank god there was no wind and the fire brigade was there very quickly. soon after we could hear the first helicopters. there were three of them going back and forwards from a nearby water depot, throwing water onto the fire. later on they were joined by two small water-throwing planes and the fire was out within 45min. quite nerve wrecking though… we've never had a fire so close by. here are a couple of pictures that the teenager took with his mobile phone…



it's night time now, the frogs are croaking in the pond, and there is a cyclone up north off the coast bringing lots of hot and humid weather to where we are (40C/103F today) and hopefully some rain as well…

One thought on “Flood Relief and a Bushfire

  1. Wow, that’s pretty scary with the fire so close by. Great that they were so efficient in putting it out! I’m dreaming of the hot weather that you are having 🙂 minus the fire risk!

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