Hot And Humid Felting

these last few days have been so hot and humid.

usually the summers here are hot and dry, but right now it feels like bali: totally tropical. and no wonder… we are actually waiting for the tropical cyclone bianca to reach the south west coast tomorrow. something that hasn't happened since 1978. paul says he can still remember the cyclone back then.

last night and this afternoon we've had a couple of tropical showers. it's too hot inside, so i set up a card table on the veranda to do some felting. the order of the 20 felted leaves for a new shop in fremantle are due to be picked up tomorrow and i was still a few leaves short…




i just took these pictures of the leaves piling up here on my work table in the studio. it's evening and the colours look sort of strange in the artificial light…


what's the weather like where you are? and what have you planned for the weekend? we are going to a wedding tomorrow – hopefully not a 'monsoon wedding'…



One thought on “Hot And Humid Felting

  1. What a lovely fiesta of leaves, they are so pretty! I’m sure they will sell out fast in the shop. It looks very fun and relaxing to felt outside on your little table, so nice. I am missing seeing green right now. Everything is so white and gray here. Making me feel a bit blah today.

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