‘East Wind Round’

for the last three days (saturday to monday) the 'easterly' was blowing. it's a wind that blows hot and dry from the desert in the summer. the easterly usually starts in the night and stops sometime in the morning. but this time it blew constantly for three days with a weather warning for damaging gusty winds and a severe fire danger warning.

and so i will admit it, that i was feeling more then nervous… i usually don't sleep well when the easterly blows and this time i was very restless. there were two fires burning out of control for two days. one to the south of us and one to the north (both far enough away to not be a danger to us).

by the time everyone had gone to school yesterday in the morning, more then 43 houses had already burned down, the wind was shaking the treetops and i started to panic… to take my mind of my emotions i started working outside, clearing away dead branches, putting leaf litter into bags, moving fire wood piles… by the time everyone came home from school i was thoroughly exhausted and the wind had finally died down!

59 houses, sheds and garages were lost in the fire.

today i was well rested after a quiet night and feeling achy from yesterdays work. in the afternoon i just wanted to paint and decided to start on a new project: paul has asked me to illustrate the song book he has written:

Seasonal Songs of the South-West

'A book of songs for the whole year for children and grown-ups living in "Noongah country": the beautiful south-west corner of Australia'

and so i opened the book and the first three songs are about summer and the hot easterly winds – how appropriate is that???



East wind tells who's now in charge: spirits from the outback harsh,

shouting all night through the trees, 'surrender me your hard-earned leaves!'

On the coast, cool breeze has gone. Desert wind encroaches on.

Green turns to brown, the glare's too bright. East wind will haunt my dreams tonight.


One thought on “‘East Wind Round’

  1. Completely unnerving knowing that fires were burning so many homes nearby, I would have felt the same way. Seems like you kept your hands full. What serendipity that the song had such a name, and your illustration is so special, that little detail peeking out in the corner of the last photo is so intriguing, those white dots and swirls are so “the wind”. xo

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