This Weekend…


this weekend paul and i spent a lot of time on maintaining our firebreak, stacking firewood for winter and lots of trips to the tip with trailer-loads full of leaf-litter – why do the leaves have to fall off the trees in summer here in australia?…


we also built an incubator from a styrofoam box. we cut a hole into the lid to insert a lightbulb. the temperature needs to be around 100F. and if we are lucky we might have some little ducklings in four weeks…



on the more creative side, i started another wrap from an old woollen jumper. it got too hot to finish it though…


and we had another easy-to-make summer cake…



for the pastry i mixed 300g flour, 200g butter, 100g sugar and one egg (duck eggs make the pastry much lighter)

i then washed and chopped 1kg of rhubarb and added 2 tbs of sugar and 3 eggyolks

the 3 egg-whites were beaten until stiff and then carefully folded through the rhubarb

bake at 190C for 30 minutes or until golden-brown on top


i love adding spices to my cakes. for this one i used a bit of grated nutmeg in the pastry…



Bon Appetit!

i hope you all have/had a great weekend too!

p.s. there were also some secret goings-on this weekend for tomorrow's special celebration…


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