‘Love Goes Through The Stomach…’

my grandmother had a saying for everything. one of them was 'Liebe geht durch den Magen' – 'love goes through the stomach'.

that's how i felt yesterday.

it was so hard to find good presents for sebastian. this boy does basically have everything he needs. why would we want to give him things that he doesn't need?

or give him everything he wants – puppy dog, ipod touch…?

but the one thing that i know he loves is good food. so i embarked on a day of cooking and baking – on a very hot day…

i made him a pavlova (remember my first attempts here and here?). this time with summery mangoes and strawberries, a bit of home-grown passionfruit and dark chocolate. he loved it!


and for dinner, a mexican feast – his favourite food.

i went through all of my cooking with kurma books and found lots of great recipes for:

gazpacho, guacamole and 'burras' – tortillas with refried beans, hot tomato sauce, lettuce, cheese and sour cream – yum!!!

i even tried making tortillas from polenta and wheat flour. it was much easier then i thought…



we had such a feast!

and then it was back to the kitchen to bake the cake for his celebration at school today…


after that i was exhausted, but happy to have spent the day trying out new recipes and giving my boy this special present. sebastian saw me sitting in the lounge room and came and offered me a foot bath and foot massage – what a sweet end to the day!

so it seems love does not only go through the stomach, but also through the feet! 😉


2 thoughts on “‘Love Goes Through The Stomach…’

  1. That feast looks sooooo good!!! Yummy! Mexican is my favorite to, and that cake looks truly divine!! What a beautiful way to show your love for your boy.

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