ever since i've been visiting valentina ramos' blog i've been intrigued with the way she has her designs printed onto fabric.

so a couple of weeks ago i thought i might do a little experimenting with it myself and i painted a small canvas with pigments desolved in milk…



i then took a photo of the canvas and uploaded it to spoonflower


and had a yard of crepe de chine silk printed…


i am really happy with the quality of the fabric and the print. the colours are different from the original painting, but that is due to the photo that i uploaded. and the pattern is smaller then the original – something i will keep in mind for the future.

i am now looking for silk fabrics in the op-shops and online to match this so i can have a shirt made from it when i go to bali…


2 thoughts on “Experimenting…

  1. Gorgeous!!! I love it!! I think you might consider selling your fabric in your Etsy shop, it is really well done. I have been thinking of making some fabric on Spoonflower for a while also inspired by Valentina. That is one of those things that I will get to when life calms down a little, I love that you just went for it!!!

  2. Oh what a WONDERFUL idea! I have been signed up to spoonflower for, like, EVER but never thought of uploading some art. Clever clever lady šŸ™‚ Love your blog, which I found thanks to *e*….. Bis bald šŸ™‚

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