Hot, Hot, Hot….

i have just woken up to 25C/77F at 6am in the morning…

we have had a very hot weekend with temperatures over 38C/100F. but i am not complaining… i so prefer the heat to the cold (as long as there is no easterly wind…). seems that emily is experiencing the opposite. and i feel for her. i lived through four winters in europe with paul – aussies are not used to being house-bound. paul used to say 'in australia we can at least be outside in the sun in winter…'

to keep cool i took sebastian and two of his friends ice-skating yesterday…


it was his first time on the ice and they had a ball.

on saturday night our school had it's annual bush-dance. it was a beautiful, windless, balmy night with lots of dancing at the local oval. at 9:30 the sprinklers on the oval went on and the children had so much fun running through the water and getting soaking wet…



and on friday, on another hot night, the teenager had his year 12 ball. there were a lot of hot girls and a couple of cool boys when i dropped him off to the pre-ball party, but i don't dare show you any more then this little view from the back…



i hope you all had a great weekend – whether it was hot or cold. xo


One thought on “Hot, Hot, Hot….

  1. Hi! Wow, so hot, and what fun activities you have going on! Ice skating in summer, how fun. I can’t believe the ball for your teenager, fancy! We have escaped winter for these past two weeks in Charleston, but we are heading back to Brooklyn on Friday. I love how even in the winter here you can go out in the sun like you are talking about!

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