What a Storm…

on monday afternoon, another hot and sticky day, i was watching the clouds. they were so big and juicy but also quite high up. i could see and smell the rain. it was coming out of the clouds and then evaporated in the hot air before it could reach the ground. it seemed to be another day without rain…



while we walked backed to the house the first big, fat drops fell…



within a couple of minutes we were surrounded by rolling thunder, gusts of wind up to 150km/95miles per hour and horrizontal rain that came across the veranda and through the open windows into the house…





we were lucky that all our trees are strong and heathy (due to biodynamic care) and withstood the storm. after a while the sun came back out and everything was sparkeling and we had a rainbow going to the studio…




sparks and her friends loved the rain…


and paul had a hard time getting home. he had to make three detoure due to fallen trees and flooded roads…




my mum's house was flooded after the water had rushed down her drive way and risen to about 15 cm in front of her front door. it then pushed her locked front door open rushed through the house and out the other side at the veranda door. she was left with 6cm/2" of muddy water in the house. we spent a couple of hours cleaning it all up before i walked back home with my mop at sunset…




5 thoughts on “What a Storm…

  1. my favourite smell in the world is the bush after it rains. ivy too 🙂 she thinks about that smell and bursts into tears sometimes!

  2. WOW! I’ve missed you, I’m back in NYC and finally able to catch up on blogs!! What a storm, I must say that I LOVE thunder storms especially in the summertime! But this one seems like it had a scary force to it, I am so glad to hear that everything at you home was fine. Your poor mom, with the water and mud in her home, that sounds terrible, so glad that you are close to help her clean up! I love the pictures of the rainbows, especially that last one, it looks like it must have been magnificent!!!

  3. I never thought clouds could be juicy, but I get what you mean. Less plants mean flooding, like what happened to your mother’s house. Good thing you’re house is covered with foliage all around. Careful around those trees, though.

  4. Oh, what were you doing during the heavy rain? Well, it’s a good thing you were safe. Paul was probably surprised to see trees blocking the road. I think that incident fittingly describes the quote, “There’s a rainbow always after the rain.” 😀

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