Weekend at Dreamtime…


paul and i have just spent the weekend at 'dreamtime', a small cabin that a friend of ours built in the forest four hours south of perth…


this was the first time we've had a couple of days to ourselves in ten years, since we went down south for our 10th anniversary.

time to relax, dream, do nothing, take pictures of clouds and water…




time to go for walks and swims at the beach…








time to eat and read and talk and…


and watch some other creatures relaxing too…


kangaroos in an olive grove!


hope you all had a good weekend too!



4 thoughts on “Weekend at Dreamtime…

  1. ooh this looks and sounds live heaven. there is something SO magical about being down south. so glad you got to have this time together 🙂

  2. Love love love these pictures! Looking at them is completely transporting. Your time there really seems like a dream, the cabin is appropriately named! So great that you and Paul were able to have time alone together, Frank and I have not done that since we had children. What a perfect place to go off alone together too, it looks like you were a million miles away from everything. The beach looks divine, and that little sea urchin is stealing my heart.

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