Bursts of Creativity…

since the storm something has change in the air – it's not so extremely hot any more, autumn is in the air, the days are a little shorter. and with it come bursts of creativity. like they have been asleep during the heat.

it all started with doodling on heart-shaped eucalyptus leaves…




then i felt like getting out my bead collection. and i made three bracelets with some of my treasures from bali: beads of turquoise, red coral, pearls from the wallace straits and rudraksha beads…






i even finished some 'older projects' like the wrap from a recycled wool jumper – ready for the coming autumn…



and the mustard yellow hemp bag that i started last year. i have been knitting it in bali and karijini last year and finally finished it on sunday when we were down south…


i love it! sebastian asked me what i could possibly put into a bag with such large holes. well… an antique javanese sarong, an old leather pencil case and a felted elephant of course!


2 thoughts on “Bursts of Creativity…

  1. nicole! where to start…these are all so amazing! i feel all inspired to go and finish my wrap – he…and doodle on some leaves…and get out some beads…and pretend i can knit! the bag looks so great – and i’m so happy the heat is leaving you so you can get more creating done. i’m waiting for the snow to melt so i can felt and hula hoop outside…!

  2. Each of your creations is so beautiful and soulful, each one is so special!! You are endlessly creative, and I feel that creativity that you are talking about on your blog lately, it just seems like you are having a very inspired time. Today is my first day back in the studio since our trip to Charleston and I am sitting here trying to muster up some creativity. You have inspired me my friend! xo

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