New Culinary Adventure…

we made a great discovery on our weekend away. on our trip down south we stopped in dusborough for lunch on friday. a friend had told us about an organic cafe there – samudra


from the carpark out the back you walk in through their organic veggie gardens – lots of tomatoes, herbs, salad greens, sunflowers… the cafe reminded us so much of bali: outdoor daybeds, big cushions, cool music, yummy food… get a taste of it here…


most of their food is actually raw vegan. paul and i loved it so much, we went there for lunch three days in a row! and i ended up buying this great book…


the recipes are not too complicated and the author encourages you to experiment and exchange ingredients for things you already have at home – my kind of cook book!!!

i have been experimenting with this new culinary adventure almost every day. i made a raw chocolate custard (yummy!), interesting new salad dressings and baked macaroni cheese – except they were not baked, not macaroni and not cheese…


they were made from raw julienned zucchini pasta with a creamy cashew nut 'cheese' sauce. and together with a fresh garden salad they made a most delicious meal…




today i will be borrowing a dehydrator from a friend to do some more experimenting – so exciting… and yummy… and healthy!!!


2 thoughts on “New Culinary Adventure…

  1. Is this the cafe with the liquid network feel? Oh, it looks great. There’s definitely no beach or surf feeling here in the the North East, as we’re drowning in cold rain. I definitely need to experiment more with raw food. Kenney’s books are beautiful, but the food seems quite complicated to prepare. Curious how the experiments with the dehydrator go……

  2. Ohhhh, that all sounds so gooood! That non-mac and cheese seems like some thing that we’d really like around here. I was experimenting with a lot of vegan food last month, but I think that to really jump in I need a very good cook book like this one!

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