today was a comfortably warm day and the creative juices are still flowing…

i found this fantastic grey jumper/dress at the op-shop this morning. it's pure new wool made in new zealand. so soft… it's amazing. but like most amazing pieces that i find at the op-shop, too small for me…


so out came the scissors… i cut open the front and the back and cut the sleeves out. i also cut up a scarf that i had felted a couple of years ago and that didn't work…


i've worked on it all afternoon but it's a combination of machine sewing and hand-stitching and too much work to finish in one go. this is how far i got…



while i was stitching the felt onto the wool with a silk thread i was thinking of all the people i am grateful to for being able to make this:

the local sewing machine mechanic who fixed up hubertine so beautifully.

jody pearl, who came up and taught a class and gave me the confidence to cut into any piece of clothing to re-invent it.

my friend emily, who's endless creativity is truly inspiring.

annekata, a fellow blogger, who reminded me recently how precious it is to hand-stitch your clothes.

and my mum, who spent endless hours sewing and knitting the most amazing clothes for my sister and me when we were little…



including a pippi longstocking outfit…


and my ball dress when i was 15…



hope i'll have the time tomorrow to finish it….


3 thoughts on “Saturday…

  1. Its beautiful, very well done, and extra special being full of all that gratitude. I really like how the holes in the felted scarf accent the new piece. Wonderful pictures from your childhood, I’m so impressed with the sewing skills of your mother, and I’m liking the sister-sister matching going on in your outfits, so cute!!

  2. oooh i think this is my favourite blog post of yours yet! the upcycling looks AWESOME – ah! so inspired to go and snip something up right now! and the CHILDHOOD PICS! LOVE LOVE LOVE! hee…i scrutinised each one for a good while, i am so fascinated by childhood photos. your mum is amazing. you girls look so styled and perfect! can’t wait to see the finished result of your snipping and stitching! xx

  3. Thanks for the mention Nicole, appreciate the acknowledgment and link. I love that you are combining your felting with the REinventions – makes them uniquely yours!

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