Raw Lunch Box Treats… And More…

i didn't get any time in the studio working on my re-invented wrap.

instead i spent most of my time yesterday in the kitchen. i am just so excited about all this experimenting with raw food 🙂

we've had  a few more raw pasta dishes last week with different sauces: pesto, and olive-pesto – yummy!!!

but yesterday i played a bit with the dehydrator that i borrowed from a friend. this is what's in there at the moment: chocolate-ginger macaroons and plum fruit leather…


both of these will be lunch box treats. two trays of fruit leather were ready this morning and i rolled them up…


i also baked a loaf of sourdough bread last night and added some quinoa which i had soaked for 24 hours. the recipe is from my friend yoke's book wild sourdough.

and because i like experimenting i made up a spread to go on the sandwiches for everyone's school lunches. i pureed some soaked cashew nuts with raw beetroot, some lemon thyme, soya sauce, salt and agave syrup. i love the colour of it…



it even tastes great!!! oh… i'm just so excited!!!

and so i even got the sprouter out  and put fenukreek seeds, mung beans and chickpeas in it. and i soaked almonds overnight to make almond milk for my muesli this morning. i usually don't eat muesli because i don't like milk and yoghurt. so here's a new option!

with some of the left-over almond meal i invented a little dessert by mixing cocoa powder, desiccated coconut, agave syrup and a pinch of nutmeg into it…


it seems that my dry spell in the kitchen is over – i feel so inspired!

and here is something else i wanted to share with you. an article that a friend of ours wrote on his blog centre for social poetry – re-imagine the world. it gave me a different perspective for all the recent natural and social upheavals and is called

the earth is shifting beneath our feet


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