Mango Love


i looooove mangoes!!! i always thought of them as a tropical fruit (which they are), growing in bali and broome. but for the last two weeks i have been going to a little mango plantation just 15 min up the road, buying baskets full of mangoes…


gig fat mama mangoes…


little baby mangoes…


i've made green smoothies with them, throwing in a handful of native spinach from the garden…


i've purreed mangoes and  local peaches to make fruit leather in my new dehydrator (paul reckons i'm so happy to have a new toy)…





the dark ones are the fruit-leather, the yellow ones are my second batch of mango wrappers. they are made from 2 cups of mango blended with 1 cup of soaked cashew nuts and a bit of home-grown chilli and a pinch of salt. the first batch was made with fresh coconut meat instead of cashew nuts…


and filled with carrot, cucumber, mango, cashews, sprouts, chilli, lemon and pepper they made the yummiest lunch wraps ever…



i just won't put them in the lunch boxes again since the filling soaked the wrapper and it disintegrated back into mango pulp 😦

i really do love mangoes and with the dehydrator on the whole house keeps smelling like one giant mango 🙂



5 thoughts on “Mango Love

  1. Yummy!!! Those look amazing. That dehydrator sounds like quite the fun new toy, so many option with it. Its so fun to see what you are up to in your kitchen!

  2. Oh Nicole – please tell me where this secret mango plantation is….is it open to the public or a friend of yours ??? Can’t believe no-one locally has mentioned it before, I am craving mangoes now !!!

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