Japanese Flowers

over the last week i've been at home with an ear-ache and now over the weekend a stiff neck… plenty of time to slow down, unwind, ponder and…


crochet japanese flowers…

i found them on dawn's blog with links to lots of other creative crochet blogs. the pattern is easy and perfect for all those bits of leftover wool lying around the house on days when i don't have the energy to tackle anything bigger…


the pattern comes from one of those beautiful japanese craft books. and since japan is on all our minds, blessings and love go out to all the people in japan that have been affected by the recent events, as well as all those who have been affected by recent natural and social upheavals. my wish is that we can find the strength and courage to not be dragged down by the suffering and sadness, but stay uplifted in order to spread peace and love in our homes and communities and the world. and create a future for our children – for surely no action or thought or intention will go to waste.



4 thoughts on “Japanese Flowers

  1. “no action or thought or intention will go to waste” that is the best sentiment I have heard in quite awhile. What a great batch of flowers you have been creating!! Hope you are beginning to feel better. If you know someone that does Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the face and neck, that is a really helpful, holistic way to move fluid and relieve pressure.

  2. Hallo Nicole, wunderschön …das erste Foto! Du hast auf Bali gelebt? das klingt toll! Seitdem ich die Karen Kingston Bücher gelesen habe, möchte ich nach Bali. Meine Kinder sind zu jung 🙂 Aber nächstes Jahr 🙂 danke für deinen Kommentar. ..Ach, auf fuerteventura bist du aufgewachsen. Ich liebe den Wind dort – super zum Windsurfen. Ich freue mich, dass ich deinen Blog gefunden habe…toller Name…liebe Grüße

  3. Beautifully put, and those flowers do seem like the perfect way to use up bits and pieces of yarn that float around. I have never learned how to crochet, but do admire it. I hope that you are feeling better, I have been under the weather myself this past weekend but now am feeling better.

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