Plant-Dyeing and Shibori

i've been thinking for a while to offer an online class on working with plant-dyed wool. and so on sunday i went down to my mum's house to watch her do some plant-dyeing with lac extract. while she was heating up the dye bath for the wool i did a bit of shibori on a piece of silk…






here's my finished piece…


the wool turned out fantastic! and my mum was also over-dyeing some blue with yellow in another pot…



so the next step will be for my mum to make some sample packs of wool and and for me to make things from it. i'll keep you posted 🙂


this beautiful waterlily was flowering in my mum's pond. she has had over twenty of them this summer! i am very jealous!!!


2 thoughts on “Plant-Dyeing and Shibori

  1. Those materials look so inviting and delicious, I want to jump right in to your time there! What fun that you can work with your mom on plant dying wool, amazing! So fun that she is so close by and also a creative spirit.

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