Enchanted Moment

you know how sometimes when we pause and are really present we can perceive the beauty and truth and love in nature? i had a glimpse of that this morning after dropping sebastian to school. i had just parked the car in front of the house, a beautiful piece of classical music was playing on the car radio and i paused and looked: the sun was shining on the leaves and flowers, the breeze was making the prayer flags dance and everything looked so peaceful… and then i noticed that i was actually filled with that peace and love and beauty too.

moments like this are so precious. when we are in touch with our true self. at peace. one with nature. yet they are so subtle that they often go unnoticed. how often do we pause? and turn off the chatter of the mind? how often are we truly present in this moment? an enchanted moment…





wishing you all a beautiful day. xo


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