School Holidays…

the school holidays have started and i have got all my three men at home. this means endless amounts of food… another trip to the shops… more cooking… more cleaning…

it also means no alarm clock in the mornings… not having to look at the clock in general… starting another craft project with sebastian – this time he wants to make a squirrel from felt…



and i've got a few projects for myself too. like tidying up the studio. things have been piling up everywhere, to the point that i feel totally uninspired to do anything. so i started by cleaning up my felting kitchen…



there's also plenty of work to be done outdoors. we have still had no rain – unless you count the few drops a couple of days ago… everything is so dry. i found this tiny flower poking it's head between the dead bamboo leaves…


but the lettuce is growing in it's pots and the wattle has started flowering. we have also just finished the last of our honey and i will have to open up the hive soon to get some more…




and i would really like to clean the windows before easter… am i getting too ambitious here???

and what i would really like to do since it's the holidays, is to put my feet up, read a bit and watch some good movies…


and here is another job staring me in the face: my socks need darning – they've got a hole on the heel 😦

what are you doing during the holidays?

3 thoughts on “School Holidays…

  1. ohhh can i pop over and spend a day in the studio with you? ivy can make a squirrel with sebastian, and we can sew or felt or punch holes in something!

  2. We’ve been on Spring Break holidays this week and it has been delicious to not have to live by the clock and to have everyone around the house all the time, so nice to have relaxing days that just sort of flow! I want to pop by your studio too, do a little felting, and help you in your garden, that flower poking out is so sweet! xo

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