Last Minute Easter Preparations…



last minute easter preparations – some felt birds and rabbits. i found the birds here but then added the wings and decided to try some rabbits too.

and i made some raw chocolate eggs and treats today. i tried three different recipes – one with goji berries, cacao beans and cacao butter; one with cashew nuts, cacao powder, agave syrup and cacao butter; and another one with these ingredients…


and then i was wondering how to package them and i ended up making little hanging baskets with the wattle flowers ironed between waxed lunch paper…




i didn't manage to clean the windows – that really was a bit too ambitious and they will have to wait…

but i did sort out and clean the studio. i was so happy last night to finally have an organised beautiful workspace again, i was just sitting on my stool looking at it and smiling…




it feels like a good time before easter to clean, get rid of what you don't need, focus and start afresh…

happy easter!


2 thoughts on “Last Minute Easter Preparations…

  1. I’ve always loved Easter for that feeling of the new beginning that it brings. Congratulations on the clean studio, it looks so inviting and that feeling of having everything organized and fresh is such a creative tonic for me! Here’s to much creating ahead! Your chocolates, the presentation and the cute felt creatures are lovely! Happy Easter!

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