Celebrating Easter

this morning nature is celebrating a new beginning. it rained yesterday, on easter sunday, and everything looks sparkling new – even the air is sparkling with a beautiful mist…






our easter celebrations yesterday included visiting family, sharing little gifts, great food and good company…


sebastian was remarking on how sad it is, that there would be people who are lonely on this day. and it made me aware of how important it is to have meaningful festivals and family celebrations in our lives.

paul and i have been participating in a 'festival course' for the last couple of months. here is the course description:

The idea is to form a troupe who wants to create new festivals of the spirit. We will work with drama and music – the newest work of Jennifer Kornberger and Paul Lawrence – and shape events of culture that are then gifted to this community.
We will also engage in a deepening process, understanding the festival content from the perspective of the spirit of our time. The festival is seen as the whole process leading up to the celebration. Our preparation includes developing the thoughts that allow us to live a spiritual year. It will be joyful, enlivening work and anyone can join; you do not have to be a singer or an actor to participate.

for more information look up the website for the  school of integral art. i'll be sharing some more on this exciting work soon…



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