Magic Fairy Wool – a New Online Class

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i am very happy (a bit proud too!) to announce this upcoming online class – hurray!

my mum has been so busy dyeing the wool with the different plant-dyes she concocts in her kitchen… it is a truly alchemical process that transforms the white wool into these luminous hues…


this is the biggest range of colours we have ever had. and i just love how harmonious they are…


did you know, that in nature every colour contains a little bit of every other colour? that's why these plant-dyed colours don't clash with each other as synthetic, separated colours do. and that's why i love using them so much 🙂

in this online class you will learn how to wrap this beautiful wool around itself to turn it into little birds…


which can also be turned into mobiles…


this technique does not involve any felting – wet or dry needle-felting – and is suitable for beginners and experienced crafters. when i teach it, people often tell me how soothing it is to work with the soft plant-dyed wool in this particular way.

we will also be making rabbits, sheep and snails…


and little gnomes, which love to play with rabbits…


and then there are the beautiful soft pictures from the wool – i will show you the technique and then it will be up to you to create your own – like this picture here of a mother duck and her ducklings…


there will also be variations on animals and tips on how to use your creations for story-telling.

and now for the practical details:

the online class will begin on Monday, 30th May 2011 and run for two weeks. during this time you will receive the instructions for the projects on a private blog.

the fee for the class is US$28 and will include your own bag of 20gms of plant-dyed wool, some white wool and skin-colour wool. the shipping cost will be added at the paypal checkout.


these materials will be enough to complete all your projects. however, if you want to make more of everything you can receive double the amount of wool for an extra $15 without paying more for the shipping . just choose 'regular bag of wool' or 'double amount of wool' before you press the 'buy now' button.

since i was only able to add one price for the shipping cost, everyone living in australia or new zealand will receive some extra wool, unless you indicate that you would like a refund for the difference in the shipping cost.

make sure to enrol soon – it takes two weeks to send the wool to the US.

class fee:
course + regular bag of wool $28.00 course + double amount of wool $43.00


14 thoughts on “Magic Fairy Wool – a New Online Class

  1. so exciting! the wool looks divine…begging to be played with! so pleased you are doing this course – it will be like a virtual mum’s craft morning…oh how i miss those tuesday mornings!

  2. I have never done this type of crafting before. Do I need any sort of experience with working with wool?

  3. WOW, go Nicole, what an awesome course this looks to be! I am so excited, it looks magical!!! I think that is far enough after my move date (ten days after) that I will be able to take the course, let me just think about it before signing up. Would you like me to put up a button about it on my blog?

  4. Oh my………. I can most cetianly recommend Nicoles classes I made some of these felt tings with her last year and they are still some of my fav felty things.

  5. This sounds wonderful, but I have never taken an online class. What time does the class meet, or do we just receive instructions or videos that we can watch anytime? Thanks!

  6. I’m in France. I’m interested to your online class but not to receive the wool, because it’s too far from me and I prefer local wool to preserve the planet of products of CO2….
    Do you think it’s possible to join your group and pay only lthe online class ?

  7. Hi,
    your creations are really beautiful!
    Although I don’t have much spare time with 2 kids, I am really tempted… will it be possible to follow your instructions also after the 2 weeks?
    will the same price apply also for Italy?
    Many thanks,

  8. Hi! I feel like I am the luckiest person on earth for finding your website! I live in Australia, and was wondering what time the class begins. I have a school run in the mornings and I wanted to know if the class will be in real time, or whether you send out the instructions on that day to each individual? Thank you. Can’t wait!!

  9. Nicole,
    how does the double amount of wool differ from the standard bag? Is it two standard bags or one bag with the amount of wool doubled?

  10. Hi there,I have a shop in Kuranda, Far North Queensland and work with and sell fleece etc. I would love to do your online class for some fun. I have 3 kids though and am curious what time and how often the class is on. Also I have and dye all my own fleece. What would I need and could my fee be reduced as I have my own bits…?

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