i have just decided that we should also be making fairies in the 'Magic Fairy Wool' online class.

simple white angels…


beautiful fairy godmothers to hang over a child's bed…


and colourful rainbow fairies…



i have had a few messages, asking how the online class works and how many things we will be making, etc…

over the two weeks of the class i will be posting instructions for a different project every couple of days – sometimes every day. in the first week we will mainly concentrate on making birds and beasts and then move on to the gnomes and fairies. our last project will be the biggest one: the fairy wool picture…


we will make a small picture, like this butterfly, first and then try a bigger one.

all the instructions will be either photo or video tutorials, very clear and detailed so every one will end up with a good quality end product.

in between projects you will be able to upload pictures of your creations onto a members only flickr page, where we can all admire each others fairy wool magic. we will also be able to have chats and discussions on the flickr site.

all in all these online classes are heaps of fun and you get to connect with like minded people from all around the world. i am just participating in an online sewing class and as it turned out, most women are either waldorf mums or waldorf teachers! so we've been sharing book tips 🙂

and there will probably still be a few more surprise things to make…

and if you can't complete all your projects in the two weeks, don't worry… the classroom will stay open for a couple of months – so you can make things in your own time 🙂

_IGP0729-1 2011-05-031 

class fee
course + regular bag of wool $28.00 course + double amount of wool $43.00


One thought on “Update…

  1. Yes, oh yes please, that fairy looks wonderful….Carys is sitting on my lap and she saw the picture and said, “let’s make that!” 🙂

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