BIG Felting…

last weekend i participated in a feltwest workshop where we learned how to make a template for a garment that will be felted in one piece.

we had to bring felting samples to calculate the shrinkage of our finished felt…


then we measured our bodies and designed a garment to fit our measurements – i wanted to make a kimono jacket. next we calculated how to convert the measurements to take into account the shrinkage of the finished felt. and then we cut out our gigantic templates.

i came home that night with my head smoking from all the measurements, shrinkage factors, etc…

next day i started to lay out my wool. i had decided to lay merino wool onto butter muslin with a final layer of mohair locks… by the end of the day i had managed to lay out about a third of my jacket! which i had also decided to make sleeveless.

this is what it looked like when i unrolled it at home on the veranda…


on the left side you can see the gigantic 'flap' that will turn into the overlying parts of the kimono.

i finished laying out the wool for the front part during the week and then moved it inside yesterday – there was too much wind to continue working outside.

i had to roll up the rug in the living room to have enough space…



this is definitely the biggest piece i have ever worked on! and i was so glad that i didn't make it with sleeves! it would have not fitted in the room!!!

when i had finished with the merino it looked like a sea of wool…


for the final layer i had to card all the mohair locks first…



and then… i spent all evening and part of this morning felting and fulling and shrinking this 'thing'.

until the magical moment when i cut it open, pulled and stretched it and put it on the mannequin…



front and back and some details…



this is what it looks like on the outside with the mohair locks giving lots of curly texture…


and on the inside with the buttermuslin…


when i was still in the planning stage i thought i would plant-dye it. but now i think i will leave it white… at least for the time being… it feels and smells and looks like i am wearing a sheep! i'll get sebastian to take some pictures of me wearing it when it has completely dried 😉

for now i am just glad that i have finished it… and i am not sure how soon i would want to make another garment in one piece!


6 thoughts on “BIG Felting…

  1. That is so interesting – thanks for sharing. I’d like to attempt something like that one day. It’s huge! (Wish there were more felting classes available where I was).

  2. Wow that is some BIG felting, it turned out so gorgeous! I also thought that the “sea” of wool was very pretty too. I was working with felting some pouches this weekend, so fun to be working with wool again! Back to packing! xo

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