Is It Too Late?

i've had a few messages from people asking 'is it too late to join the 'Magic Fairy Wool' class?'

no! it's not too late šŸ™‚

the way the class works, is that i will be posting the instructions and tutorials in the 'classroom' on our private blog for two weeks from monday, 30 may. but…. the classroom will remain open for a couple of months, which means that you can start late, or take your time and do your little fairy wool projects whenever it suits you.

so… if you feel like joining us (the classroom is already open and i am posting some getting-ready things) then click here or here to find more details and the 'buy now' paypal button.


it's also never too late to learn a new skill on the computer – i have just learned how to make a video tutorial and it has taken me only THREE days to figure out how to successfully upload it! (actually, it is still uploading while i am writing this šŸ˜‰


still from the video

the strangest thing is listening to my voice… i never think of myself as having such a strong accent… and what a strange swabian-australian accent it is! the teenager also said the other day that he can hear the german accent of his friend's mother but not mine – because i just sound like his mother! so, any one who has signed up for the class… be warned! i don't sound the way i do when you read this šŸ˜‰


One thought on “Is It Too Late?

  1. I can’t wait to hear your accent!! I also need to get some tips from you on uploading videos to your blog, I recently tried and got so frustrated that I stopped trying!

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