Vintage Photos

the sartorialist asked for submissions of vintage photos. so i sent him this one yesterday…


it's a picture of my grandparents, berta and hermann pfaffmann, taken in december 1932 in the forest outside stuttgart, germany. my 'oma' was 26 years old and my grandfather would have been 33. they had gotten married the year before and had photos taken to send to my grandmother's family. this is what it says on the back…


'Maria & Pappa – Ein recht frohes Weihnachtsfest wuenschen Euch Berta & Hermann – Weihnachten 1932'

maria & pappa – wishing you a very merry christmas berta & hermann – christmas 1932

the following is the oldest photo i have of my grandmother's family. it was taken around the turn of the century, before she was born and shows her older sisters and brother – from oldest to youngest:

Maria, Hedwig (called Hete), Mathilde, Hubert and Katharina (called Kaete)…


they had another sister, Wilhelmine (called Minne), who was born in 1902 and then my grandmother, the youngest, Berta Hubertine, who was born in 1906.

here are two pictures of her as a teenager in the 1920's…



when berta was 22 years old in 1928 she went by ship to america to work as a nanny in new york and new jersey for two years. on the ship back to germany she met another young german nanny, trude,  and they became friends. when the ship returned to europe trude was picked up by her brother hermann – and that was how my grandmother met my grandfather.

the following two pictures were taken at christmas 1938. the first one shows the five sisters. in the front row from left to right: Hete, Maria, Minne, Mathilde and in the back Berta and Kaete…


in the next one you see them with their 'pappa' and brother hubert…


and last but not least, my favourite picture, also taken in december 1932 for my grandmother's sister minne…




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