An Afternoon Drive Into The Country…

at one of my recent felting workshops i met a woman who invited me to come and visit her and her alpacas. so off i went yesterday in the afternoon, for a little drive into the country. it was great to get out of the suburbs and see the open country side – lots of sheep, some cattle and horses… but everything looked still so dry for this time of year. at least it was raining all night last night…

anyway, here they are, the beautiful alpacas…


there are eleven all together, two are actually llamas and i think five are alpacas and four suri alpacas (or was it the other way round?) none of them had very long hair but i found this image of what the suri alpacas can look like when their hair is allowed to grow…


they have these amazingly silky curls…


(image found here)

and this one here is picasso, one of the boys i visited yesterday…


since they are too shy to come up to you, we sat down in the paddock and waited for them to become curious about us – apparently they love to sniff shoes…



we fed them some lucerne and put a halter on 'udo', one of the llamas, to take him for a walk before going inside to inspect the felt and spinning samples from the different fleeces. i came home with two bags full of fleece: llama, alpaca and suri in all the different colours. now i am hoping to have some time to do some felting and spinning myself 🙂



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