Art And Imagination

i woke up at five o'clock this morning, still filled with the impressions of yesterday afternoon, and these words poured out of me:

wednesday afternoons, for the last few months, have become a very special time for me as we immerse ourselves – as individuals and as a group – into the imaginations of a tale: 'The Tale of the Two Flutes'. this play has been written by my dear friend, Jennifer Kornberger, who is an artist and poet. and under the dramatic direction of her husband Horst we learn to ensoul the archetypical characters with flexible emotions that arise out of the imagination. 


the play deals with eternal truths that come to life in pictures:

the two flutes, who communicate by truly listening and being in harmony.

the solitary tower, which represents the isolation of our intellect, when the head rules over the heart.

the dragon's breath, our fear, that arises out of ignorance and false identification and leads to actions of destruction.

the sphinx, which poses questions to us that we seem not to be able to answer and have to be met by going deeper, listening to our true self and going forward with courage.

the friede rose, our true self, pure, powerful, mysterious, able to overcome fear and instil us with a sense of peace and harmony.


this last character in particular is represented by music, which my very talented husband paul has composed for this play. we are learning to create a base sound with our voices that carries the mood of the play, and then harmonise and improvise filling the space with the music of the universe.


a scene from the play


2 thoughts on “Art And Imagination

  1. All just beautiful truths, and I’m sure that being a part of such a vibrant creative project is very exciting! Impressive also that Paul composed the music, you two are a very creative team! Wish we could come and be in the audience.

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