Looooong Weekend…

we've just had a long weekend: friday the teenager had study break and paul and sebastian had midterm break. and off they went for 30 hours (did i really count the hours ?!) to visit paul's mum. which left me free to catch up with all the housework and making tutorials and finishing costumes and… and by the time they came home on saturday night i was utterly exhausted!

then followed two days of intense rehearsals and final costume changes. this community play is turning into quite an event and by now i am so excited i can't believe i am actually looking forward to the performance. this is after a lifetime of stage fright! we will perform it four times over the next two weeks with rehearsals in between – a truly busy time!

here's a picture of the tutor wearing the hat… and some pictures of my wool creatures that i've been making for the tutorials…









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