Going Solar and Standing On One Leg….

what a busy time we are having here! on friday was our first performance and two little girls told their grandmother later that 'nicole was standing on one leg, being a statue, for the whole performance!'. well, i was a statue for about 5 minutes and i also did a little acting, singing, playing the recorder, plucking the cello and helping with costumes and props – so it did feel like standing on one leg for the whole performance!

after a big wave of applause we were on a high most of saturday and then crashed – so, so tired… and off to the next rehearsal on sunday and the second of four performances tonight. i will ask sebastian to take some pictures tonight and hopefully i will be able to share some of them with you.

we also had our solar power installed on saturday. it's so exciting to have clean, green energy :) 




2 thoughts on “Going Solar and Standing On One Leg….

  1. So exciting about your solar panels!! Your little house looks so sweet and inviting in the last photo. What a great performance you had and I hope that the other went just as well, you must still be on a high from it all. I keep feeling like I am going to be fully emerging from my moving daze, only to be sucked back in, and now I’m sick. I can’t wait to create the lovely felt projects! I’m impressed at how much you have been doing lately!

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