The Tale of the Two Flutes

scene 1: the boys meet the friederose







scene 2: the fathers arrive






scene 3: the sphinx at the well





scene 4: at vlad's camp


scene 5: at the ring of fire


scene 6: rarn and vlad blind each other




scene 8: the maidens of sorrow



final scene: the friederose is here to stay




i'm still half on a high/half exhausted from the performances – two more to go next week!

and i was so amazed when i saw these pictures (thanks sebastian for taking them šŸ™‚ ), the colours of the lighting are so beautiful. i couldn't see any of that from the side of the stage.

did you recognise me? i played an aide to rarn in the second scene and a soldier in scene 5…



and i would like to thank my friends horst and jennifer kornberger for giving me this gift of acting where before there was only stage fright. under their artistic direction acting becomes a spiritual practice, a way to enliven ourselves and our community and as one person in the audience shared 'it brought heaven and earth closer together'.

a thank you also to paul for his beautiful music: i hear it when i wake up in the middle of the night, i hum it when i go shopping, it fills my soul with light and love.



One thought on “The Tale of the Two Flutes

  1. ooh nicole these were so much fun to look at! the costumes and lighting are beautiful – and i loved seeing everyone looking so theatrical! (especially clare – she is such a crack up!). ivy made me zoom in on every photo. she is convinced she can see skye’s head in the audience!
    wish we could have seen it! great job on the photos sebastian, they are awesome šŸ™‚

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