Getting Ready….

sparks and her friends have been moved from their enclosure outside the kitchen window to the old chook yard at the far side of the property. it will be their holiday home while we're away – easier to access for the neighbour  who looks after them…


the finches had their cage cleaned ready to go to my mum's house…


and now i have to clean the house so our friend can use it while we're away. and finish the packing…


and then…

… we're off to bali tomorrow morning…


i was thinking that while we are in bali i might just post photos and not write much… well that's the plan at least… but if you know me, you will know that i am likely to change my plan 😉


One thought on “Getting Ready….

  1. Oh my goodness, you are THERE!!!!! I’m so excited for you, you must be there by now. I’m so sorry to have been so missing lately. I can not wait to see your pictures that you post from your time in Bali. Horray!! Loving your little pets too, I did not know that you had ducks and finches, cute! 🙂

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