‘Jalan-Jalan’ – Going For Walks…

we are going for lots of walks. the weather up here around ubud, in the centre of the island, is just perfect at the moment -  crisp in the mornings, warm but not too hot during the day and cool at night. we've been walking from our house along the rice fields and down into ubud where all the shops and restaurants are…



that's our dog where we are staying, coming along for a walk and rounding up the poor ducks!



lots of bright flowers wherever you go…




and shadow plays in the rice fields in the afternoon…





a little 'pondok' (hut in the rice field) to rest the wary bones…



and more narrow alleys and steep steps on the way to ubud…




after sunset in monkey forest street…





we found a nice little cafe for dinner where they serve the essential food for teenagers – pizza and mexican …




One thought on “‘Jalan-Jalan’ – Going For Walks…

  1. Stunning photos. I always thought pondok was a South African word, as we use it alot here, but after reading your blog post and doing some research, it turns out it came to SA with the Malay slaves. You learn something new everyday. 😉

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