The Children’s Barong

after galungan the barong, a mystical creature with good magical powers, makes it's way through the villages, accompanied by musicians and some scarier characters.

we met this smaller version played by the village children down in ubud…


there are two kids inside and the whole things is so heavy they had to swap places with other kids every few minutes!

and these are some of the funny and scary characters…






the children seemed to have a great time beating their gongs and drums, clashing the cymbals and dancing from house to house chasing the mean looking masked guys and passing around a plate for donations.



i still very fondly remember the time many years ago when we were here in bali with our then two-year-old son and the children's barong came through our village. our son was so fascinated with it that he wanted to follow it along. after a while one of the balinese boys passed one of the instruments on to him. and there was this little blond boy going along from house to house with the village children…

i guess that's one of the things i love about bali… there are always ceremonies and festivities going on and the balinese people are just so inclusive.


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