Slowing Down….

after about two weeks here in bali i started to seriously slow down… funnily enough this coincided with us not having an internet connection any more at the house where we are staying  and our email account being closed because someone had apparently hacked into it.

and then i remembered the words of the balinese brahman priest who read our horoscopes two weeks ago: he said that in this life i can just go with the flow…

isn't that great? i love going with the flow… and so for the last week or so that's what i've been doing. there's been lots of relaxing, visiting friends, a bit of shopping, a jewellery making class,…

and i find it so easy to slip into a state of just being, where i can just sit on the veranda without doing anything, listening to the birds and insects in the trees, the soft gurgling of the river below the house… where my mind stops and and i am happy to know that i am…

and here are a few pictures from the last week…









hope you are all having a great weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down….

  1. It looks so amazing and inviting, I want to jump into each picture, especially that pool! 🙂 Cheers to just being, it sounds perfect and wonderful!!

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