‘The Other Bali’

we have just spent two nights down in seminyak near the tourist mecca of kuta and legian because our boys wanted to see the 'other bali' – the bali of surf and pub-crawl culture in kuta, of cosmopolitan designer boutiques in seminyak, the bali of total traffic jams (it took us one hour yesterday to drive a distance of 8kms/5miles!) and gourmet restaurants, the bali where the rich and beautiful come to play and the poor and down-trodden workers (imported from other islands) build another five-star resort for them…

it's overcrowded and polluted, it's not my world, and yet, the balinese manage to infuse it with beauty with their big smiles and their patience and a sense or natural artistry.

here are a few snapshots that you would't find in the glam mags…















2 thoughts on “‘The Other Bali’

  1. I am enjoying your photos of Bali, while I have never been there myself I do find I like your Bali better than the Bali I hear my tourist friends visit.

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