On Being Enough

do you know that feeling… no matter what you do it's never quite enough?

i'm a stay at home mum/homemaker/artist/occasional teacher. i get up early to cook fresh breakfasts and lunches for my family. i love doing that. i love to provide them with healthy meals and a nurturing home environment.

but hang on… doesn't one of my friends also bake for her family every afternoon? am i really doing enough? maybe i should be more organised…



i also love being creative. making things with my hands… exploring new things… so i potter around in my studio. a bit of felting, a bit of spinning, i love to knit, i want to do some sewing, i also enjoy painting and drawing…

but is it quite enough? shouldn't i come up with some major idea? be really disciplined in my work? plan ahead and work towards something bigger…



these kind of thoughts and questions have been burdening me over the years. i am not a very ambitious person, i do what i do because of who i am, because i love doing it. but is that enough?

the answer to that question came in bali when i had my balinese horoscope read:

'you don't have to make any major decisions or plans. just go with the flow…'




it has taken a while to digest the month in bali. and i am starting to feel the message sinking in. i feel a step closer to 'being enough'. there is less pressure and thinking about what i should or could do. and with that more calm enjoyment in what i am actually doing and who i am.

let's just hope i don't get to relaxed 😉



2 thoughts on “On Being Enough

  1. Oh yes, the reminders keep coming and it’s still hard to believe that we really are enough just the way we are.
    BTW, just wanted to say thank you again for the lovely scarf that I won in your giveaway months ago, it’s been my constant companion through this Cape Town winter.

  2. Hi! I missed check in here, time has been flowing quickly passed me…and I have been really struggling with this question lately, the one about being enough! What a thing that I use to bother myself with, especially since our move, I just never feel like I am doing enough!! Thanks for talking about this here, love the pictures that you posted!

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