Blue Skies


blue skies!

a warm-ish weekend


happy ducks 🙂


i've been spending lots of time outside;

getting the veggie pots ready

for leafy greens.

pruning trees and bushes.

taking trailer-loads of green waste to the tip.

and enjoying the flowers and bees.


and since all that work in the fresh spring air makes one hungry

i made a raw beetroot/avocado soup


i love my vitamix 😉

all i had to do was

peel and chop the beetroot

add an avocado

and a few spices

and blend it with a bit of water for

1 minute

to have a healthy soup.

topped with cream, olive oil, parsley and ground pepper.

and served with toasted sourdough bread.

and since it was so easy…

… i made a dessert as well.


fresh young coconut meat,

water, cacao powder, agave syrup,

palm sugar, vanilla essence, coconut oil,

and a few cacao beans

blended for a minute.

soooooooo yummy!


wishing you all

a weekend filled with

blue skies,

buzzing bees and flowering trees,

and lots of yummy food



3 thoughts on “Blue Skies

  1. Every time you post about what you make in your kitchen I want to come over for a meal! That soup looks so yummy, and so easy, maybe I’ll try making it…although it would be a lot easier if I had a Vitamix.

  2. we use the vitamix at least twice a day: for making nut milks, grinding flour and coffee, blending green smoothies, etc. i just made a falafel mix in it this morning – they turned out really yummy!
    and you are welcome any time, faith, to come over for a meal. xo

  3. oh spring in the hills is the best time ever!
    i have a vitamix too – you’re making me want to use it more. i really only use mine for green smoothies and then blending up ‘sneaky’ soups and pasta sauce so the kids will eat eggplant/capsicum/kale without knowing it!

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