Felting, FELTing, FELTING!!!

for the last two days i have been immersed in felting – i am attending a 3-day-workshop with charlotte buch who has come all the way from denmark (in scandinavia, not denmark WA!) to teach us her special felting techniques.

yesterday i just took in all the different samples that charlotte brought along and bought some materials that i have never or rarely used before: needlefelt and silk laps.

i started off laying out samples…


after felting them i felt a lot clearer about the proper way of working with these materials and techniques…


and i decided to try felting a light object (lamp sounds so ordinary ;)…


this one still looks rather deflated… but i have been thinking a lot about making felted light objects since we were in bali and am hoping to come up with a bamboo structure for the inside… maybe it will work 🙂

today i worked on very clever piece of clothing/scarf…


it's basically a large square with a whole in the middle which can  be draped around your body in various ways to make a shrug or scarf etc…



and the amazing thing is that is only weighs 117gr. – that's like a small bar of chocolate!

it's felted from two layers of silk laps with a super thin layer of fine australian merino wool in between. and feels like wearing a soft and silky cloud 🙂

i am planning to plant-dye it sometime… but for now i am looking forward to another day of felting tomorrow 😉



3 thoughts on “Felting, FELTing, FELTING!!!

  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much for your comment on my 9/11 post. I totally relate to your comments about fear, I have really had to face many fears since then…one of them was about flying, which I remember you also sharing. xo

  2. ooh nicole, how amazing! what fun to do the workshop…i love seeing what you are working on – and that wrappy thing has be intrigued – i want to see more!

  3. Hello, I am very interested in thge “silk laps” that you write about, and the shrug that you have made with them is beautiful! What are they exactly? Thanks!!

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