More Felt From The Workshop…

on my last day with charlotte buch i tried out one of her techniques: felting wool circles onto silk. charlotte told us that she makes 90 circles from 5 grams of wool! what a challenge…


once i had my first 90 circles i put them on the scales and to my surprise they weight just under 4 grams :) 


but i needed a lot more then 90 to finish my top! i ended up making them in three different sizes. unfortunately i didn't take a picture of my top after the felting – it was all white. but on the weekend i put on the dye pot and wrapped the top up with some leaves…




i've been 'test wearing' it today together with the shrug/scarf that i made on the second day of the workshop and also put in the dye pot…


it feels so luxurious wearing all this

soft plant-dyed silk

with just the tiniest bit of wool

felted into it.


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