Our Little Luna


after many years of saying 'no' whenever sebastian brought up the topic of getting a dog, i surprised myself (and my family!) when i felt that i was ready to get a dog a few weeks ago.

friends of ours had just had puppies and one look at them and their amazing mother had us decided to get the female of the litter of four.

that was five weeks ago. since then we have visited luna at least once a week and watched her grow. and on saturday paul and the boys picked her up and brought her home…


she was a bit uncertain at first. but after a feed and a sleep she became more settled and had a play in the garden…




after a while she fell asleep again – totally content…


we are all really happy to have luna here. she is very sweet and seems to be a fast learner. her mother is a beautiful catahoula. and her dad probably the golden retriever from around the corner…

we named her 'luna' after a character from an isabel allende book: 'eva luna'.



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