Spring Is Coming

finally! spring is coming – the days are getting longer and milder, the sky looks bluer and the first waterlilies are flowering…


my row of potted lettuce is growing well and sparks is lying in the sun…


the roses and lavender in front of the studio are in bloom – as well as various other purple flowers…



and we have discovered a parrot nest in one of the big jarrah trees in front of the house…



a pair of red-capped parrots has made there nest there. i found this image of red-capped parrots here



there's also been lots of playing outside with luna today. she is really good at 'sit' and 'stay' already, but she doesn't get 'come' yet…



and since it is the second (and last :(  ) week of the school holidays, i've  been helping sebastian to finish his doll that they have been working on in craft lessons at school this year. his is a balinese boy called 'kadek'. sebastian hand-sewed the edge of the batik sarong and i helped him with the head-dress and to complete the outfit with a little ikat cloth on top of the sarong and a little silk sash to hold it all together. tomorrow we want to sew up the t-shirt and sebastian still has to embroider the eyes and mouth on the face…



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