what a busy week it has been…



i've been working on my felted light.

and made another necklace with one of my crocheted beads for my mum's birthday…




and we had a real german birthday cake feast at her house…

2011-10-13 2011-10-131

i mean, can you believe it… two cakes for six people!!! but it did take us two days to finish them…


we also had the fire brigade coming around to get ready for summer. apparently it is recommended to burn off the bush every 6-8 years. ours hadn't been done for 11 years!


our neighbour came over after the fire brigade left to look for any creatures with the boys. but they didn't find anything – dead or alive. so that's good because it means they all found shelter somewhere…


everything looks black now, but at least i will feel safer this summer and fire is the way the australian bush regenerates itself, so in the long run it's healthy…



well, that's all the update. and i am off to the park with my dog now for 'dog club' 🙂

have a great weekend!

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