A five-day creativity retreat in Bali

with Horst & Jennifer Kornberger and Paul & Nicole Lawrence


14 – 19 July 2012


Bali is a place of imagination. On this island, earth, water, fire and air weave a living atmosphere of inspiration. We will meet for five days in a unique environment near Ubud, overlooking a spectacular ravine in the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali.



Please click here to begin your journey!




paul and i first had the idea of a retreat in bali 15 years ago.

back then it was really hard to organise something like that – just imagine… no internet!


when we went back to bali last year the idea came up again.

and this year we did some serious research while we were up in bali…

and it is so exciting to see it all come together now!

we've been planning and sending emails to our friend up in bali almost on a daily basis.

and then our teenager designed the beautiful website.


we've even had the first people sign up already!

so… if you want to join us at the retreat, have a good look at the website and send us a message in the 'i want to come' section.



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